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Delta Auctions & Appraisals
Cleaning out the Garage - Online Auction Ends September 23, 2019 @ 1:00 PM

Item Description
1.Stryco Blade Welder

Type: MF1

Volts: 220

Amps: 18

2.Stryco Blade Welder

Type: MF1

Volts: 220

Amps: 18

3.Lot of Four Japanese Katanas
4.Lot of Three Swords: Two Katanas & One Medieval Style Dragon Sword
5.Large, Heavy-Duty Plastic Container with Wooden Top
6.Bucket Full of Heavy Duty Wrenches & Ratchets
7.Bucket Full of Heavy Duty Wrenches & Ratchets
8.Bucket Full of Wrenches
9.Bucket Full of Metric Screwdrivers
10.Lot of Pliers, Grips & Impact Tools
11.Lot of Metal Tape Measurers
12.Lot of Various Hand Tools: Wire Cutters, Vices, Crimpers, Clamps, etc...
13.Steel Toolbox with DeWalt Drill and Makita Grinder
14.Two Coleman Coolers: Size 54 & 100
15.Large Lot of Automotive, Painting, Cleaning, and Plumbing Fluids. Also, Motor Oil & Engine Lube.
16.Large Lot of Screws, Fasteners, Bolts, Nuts, Nails, O-Rings, Staples, etc...

Cart is not included.

17.Small Screw/Nail Organizer, Filled with Miscellaneous Hardware
18.Almost, Brand New Troy-Bilt XP Storm 3030 Snow Blower.

Two-stage Self-propelled Gas Snow Blower

used Twice.

19.Vintage, Chain-Hanging Chandelier

Clamp-On Utility Light

20.Foredom Rotary Machine

Series S, 1.7 Amps, Serial #: D880255

21.Lot Welding Equipment: Torches, Hoses, Nozzles, etc...
22.Wilton Table Vise
23.Large Lot of Measuring Tools.
24.Lot of Welding Tools
25.Handyman's Tool Chest
26.Lot of Heavy Duty Extension Cords, Battery Cables, & Misc. Wire
27.Hand Crafted Kettle for Cooking and Metal Liquifying.

Has Electric and Gas Hook Ups, with Tools, Lid and Thermometers

28.Pro-Form RM 675 Cardio Cross Trainer
29.Lot of Heavy Duty Extension Cords, and Air Hoses
30.Vintage String Art, Mixed Media Model T Auto. Partially hidden by electrically cord.
32.Lot of Stainless Steel Containers, Most Industrial Quality
33.Two-Drawer Stainless Steel Cabinet with Wooden Top, Loaded with Screws & Nails.
34.Three Buckets of Plumbing Fittings
35.Roughly 465 Rounds of a Variety of .44 Ammo.

Cases Hold 64 Rounds

36.264 Rounds of a Variety of 9mm Ammo
37.168 Rounds of Shotgun Ammo:

Five Sabot 12 Gauge Rounds

33 Rounds of 12 Gauge Buckshot

Five Rounds of 12 Gauge HP

125 Rounds of 410 Gauge

38.US Military Ammo Can Full of 7.62 Rounds.
39.317 Rounds of .380 ACP Ammo.

Winchester, Federal, American Eagle, Sapsan, etc...

40.Over 100 Rounds of .338 Ammo.
41.360 Rounds of Boxed 5.56 Ammo

Green, Red & Gold Tip

42.Over 65 Rounds of Federal & Winchester 7mm Ammo
43.128 Rounds of .308 Ammo
44.Lot of Mixed Ammo:

Some Loose, Some Clipped - 30.06, .338, 8mm...

45.Half-Filled Ammo Can of 7.62 Ammo, and Boxed American Eagle Rounds.
46.Over 200 Rounds of Clipped 7.62 Ammo
47.Lot of Mixed Ammo:

28 Rounds of 10mm

8 Rounds of .357 Magnum

272 Rounds of .22

Container of Gunpowder

48.Heavy Duty Steel Container with Roughly 2000 Rounds of 7.62
49.Lot of Rifle & Handgun Magazines:

Sig Sauer, M-16, AK-47, 9mm, etc....

50.Large Lot of Crowbars, Pry Bars, Tire Irons, etc...
51.New OrYany Handbag

Color Blocked with Shoulder Strap. Retails for Over $250.00

52.Large Lot of Shower / Bath Bombs, Grapefruit
53.Used Cole Hahn Handbag - Good Condition
54.Goose Down Kuspuk by Stearns Hansa Brantley.

Color: Black, Size: Ladies Small

55.Suede Eddie Bauer Vest

Ladies Medium

56.Dark Suede Vest

Size 12

57.Mink Fur Coat - Calf Length

Made in Hong Kong

Silk Lining

58.Faux Fur (Acrylic) Calf Length Jacket

Chico Brand, Ladies Small

59.Four Fur, Alaskan Made Hats & Two Alaskan Headresses
60.HMK Men's size 12, Voyager Boa Winter Boots
61.Pair of 7-inch Vintage Brass Candle Sticks.

Crafted by Carolina Brass.

62.Snap-On Racing Poker Set

Snap-On Racing Game Set would be the ideal gift for a gambling buddy or a Snap-On collector. It has 100 each of red, white and blue poker chips marked with S on each chip,a deck of Snap-On playing cards, a dice cup and five dice with Snap-On on the side of each dice where the 1 would be.

63.Apollo Horticulture 600 Watt Digital Ballast for Grow Lights.

Multi-Volt Apollo E-ballast is designed to strike both Metal Halide (MH) and High Pressure Sodium (HPS) bulbs through either 120v or 240v, simply by switching the power chords.

Dimming switch Allows Operation for intensity you wish